13 Most Amazing Birds that Start with C 

Have you ever wondered what’re the most exciting birds that start with the letter C?

In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the most incredible and fascinating birds that start with C. From charming little finches to exotic parrots, there’s sure to be a bird on this list that will fulfil the hunger of your curiosity. So without further ado, let’s get started!

13 Birds That Start With C (with Pictures)

Crow Or Crows

crow, Birds that start with C
Birds that start with C

Crows are birds that start with C and are members of the corvid family, along with other birds like rooks and ravens. These birds are located in Asia, Africa, and north and south America. However, their natural habitats are open fields, urban parks, and backyards.

The birds range in size from 16–21 inches long. They are not completely medium-sized birds, depending on the species. And exhibit a blackish colouration with glossy black plumage when sunlight falls on them.

Crows can be seen alone or in groups, forming large flocks to search for food and generally migrate during winter. They make homes from various materials such as sticks, twigs, and feathers to construct their nesting sites in trees or rooftops.


Chickadees are small perching birds that start with C and are found throughout North America and parts of Mexico. Chickadee chickadees birds belong to the Paridae family.

chickadee, bird, feathers
Birds that start with C

Usually, they live in wooded areas and forests, but they can also be found in suburban parks and gardens with trees and shrubs. These birds have a unique call that highlights them amongst other birds.

Their plumage is generally grey-brown on the back, off-white on the face, and white underparts, and has a bright black cap atop their head.

These birds that start with c weigh between 9 to 14 gm and are approximately 2.6 to 6 inches long. They are loyal birds to their habitat and return after every winter to spend time at the exact location they belong to.

Canada Geese

Canada geese are birds that start with C, often spotted around water bodies or in open grasslands near rivers, streams, and lakes. They’re native birds of North America.

Canada goose, Birds that start with C
Birds that start with C

These birds look unique compared to other birds due to their long necks, blackheads, and white cheeks. Canada geese also differ in behaviour depending on the season. They migrate long distances south in colder months and return to their nest for breeding in summer.

Canada Goose

The Canada goose can be found across the northern hemisphere, including North America, Europe, and Asia. With this, they have a noticeable honking call.

goose, canada goose, lake
Birds that start with C

They’re unique among birds due to their ability to inhabit various environments such as marshes, wet meadows, grasslands, and coastlines. A Canada goose has distinctive features that make them easy to spot.

These are medium-sized amazing birds that measure nearly 25-45 inches. They have black heads and long necks with white cheek patches. Their slender body is highlighted by white belly and tail feathers. They’re exceptional with their striking appearance and long migratory journeys over thousands of miles.

Canary Birds

Canaries are small songbirds that start with C and are native to the Macaronesia Islands, located on the coast of Morocco and Spain in the Atlantic Ocean.

canary, songbird, bird
Birds that start with C

Canary birds thrive in different ecosystems, such as forests and open meadows. In these small birds, the female canaries usually lay three to five chalky blue eggs yearly during springtime.

Their breeding season starts in march, so these birds flock together to find mates before nesting. This small beautiful passerine bird is a member of the finch family, which includes many other birds known for their distinctive singing voices.

In appearance, canaries have bright yellow feathers, yellow bellies and a pointed tail. Their friendly nature and vibrant colours help them make strong bonds with human beings.


Cockatoos are birds that start with C and belong to the Cacatuidae family. They commonly live in Australia, New Guinea, the Philippines, and several Indonesian islands.

birds, cockatoos, Birds that start with C
Birds that start with C

Depending on the birds that start with Ce species, these birds can range from relatively small, like Goffin’s Cockatoo, to large birds, like the Sulphur-crested species.

In appearance, cockatoos usually have a white or grey base coat with colours ranging from yellow to pink, depending on their breed. This parrot group lays two to three eggs, and each parent takes turns in incubating them. Although not as popular as many other birds.

Cockatoos bond well with human beings as a pet due to their entertaining personality and ability to mimic sounds.


Cormorants are medium to large-sized birds that start with “C” and are commonly knowns as shag. This bird family includes over forty species of aquatic birds and is found near the Pacific Coast of central and south America.

These medium-sized birds have distinct appearances, including dark feathers with dark brown patterns, webbed feet, and a yellowish patch near their beaks.

Cormorant eggs hatch between one to four in number and can take twenty-five to twenty days to incubate. They are usually dark in colour with a thick outer coating that helps them to survive under harsh conditions.

Carolina Wren

The Carolina wren is one of the birds that start with C and one of the most renowned birds found in the eastern half of the United States of America, the south of Ontario, Canada, and northeast of Mexico.

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The Carolina Wren has a distinctive appearance, with its brownish-grey upperparts and streaked underparts. Plus, it has a white eyebrow stripe, which makes it easy to recognize among the other birds.

These are omnivorous birds, meaning they feed on plants and animal matter for nutrition. An amazing fact about this small bird species is only the males sing, and they have a surprisingly loud voice despite their small size.

Carrier Pigeons

The Carrier Pigeons, also known as the Blue Rock Pigeons, are found in Northern South America. These birds are typically seen in the wild near rivers, lakes, coastlines, forests, and urban areas.

bird, dove, turkey pigeon
Birds that start with C

Unlike other birds, they prefer to nest in houses, buildings and bridges, with a plump body and bluish-grey back with pinkish feet. Carrier Pigeons have a unique behaviour pattern, generally foraging for food in flocks.

When it comes to drinking water, they usually have an affinity for freshwater ponds and creeks. They’re relatively solitary birds that prefer rooftops and balconies over trees for perching and nesting.

Campbell Island Teal

The Campbell Island teals are of the flightless birds that start with C. The Campbell Island Teal is a little, flightless, nocturnal species of trifling duck of the genus Anas native to the Campbell Island group of New Zealand.

These birds adapt very well in their natural habitats are subtropical, temperate islands, coastal wetlands, mudflats, rivers, freshwater lakes, ponds and marshes. They’re iconic c birds, easily recognizable due to their unique dark brown pattern-work wings and jet black bill.

Commonly regarded as an aquatic species. One of the unique characteristics of these birds is their specialized feeding habits. They are highly adapted to forage for invertebrates in grasslands and meadows.

Clay-Coloured Sparrow

The Clay-colored Sparrow is a small bird with a distinct song and beautiful dark streaks feathers. This species of bird belongs to the sparrow family. These small chirping birds start with C, and are an important part of the forests.

Commonly these c birds are found in open wooded areas throughout North America, ranging from Mexico to Canada. As omnivorous birds, they prefer to eat plants and insects which can be found in their natural habitat. During migratory seasons, they are found at field edges or marshy areas.

They commonly appear in flocks along with other birds that start with c, such as the Chipping Sparrow or Common Redpoll.

Cactus Wren

The Cactus wrens are birds that start with C, often confused with other birds in the family Certhiidae due to their similar appearance.

bird, wren,Birds that start with C
Birds that start with C

These c birds are typically found in the southwest United States and northern Mexico. Their natural habitats are desert habitats, scrub oaks, creosote bush, mesquite grassland, and cacti thickets. They have grey bodies with white streaks on the wings and tails paired with brown heads marked with white dots above their eyes.

The birds make their home by building nests of plant stems and twigs among the thorns of prickly pear or cholla plants. Cactus wrens can usually be heard making loud calls or chip notes when communicating between each other or defending against predators. All these birds are an essential part of their desert habitat.

Crested Owl (Lophostrix cristata)

The Crested Owl, also known as a Lophostrix cristata, are birds that start with C. These owls are found in natural habitats, including rainforests and savannas. The Crested Owl stands out from c birds not only due to its distinct look but also because of its habits.

owl, raptor, birds that start with C
Birds that start with C

Its unique appearance includes a streaky, mottled brown-whitish body, barring on its upper chest, a rufous wing with white spots, yellowish eyes, and tufted ears.

As members of the Strigidae family, these medium-sized birds share some common features, such as their nocturnal behaviour and sharp vision. These features make the Crested Owl unique yet exemplary among birds of the same kind.

Q. What is a tall bird that starts with C?

Cassowary is a large and flightless bird that starts with C.

Q. What is a songbird beginning with C?

Many songbirds start with C. Such as Cacaktoo, Connecticut Warbler, Carolina Chickadee, California Condor, and Clay-colored Sparrow.

Q. What are the two birds begin with C and are nocturnal species?

The three nocturnal birds begin with c are nocturnal are Crested Owl, and Cinnabar Boobook.

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