15 Popular Birds that Start with G – (Pictures & Info)

15 Popular Birds that Start with G – (Pictures & Info)

How many birds can you name that start with the letter G? If you’re like most people, probably not many.

Cause many birds exist that start with G having interesting behaviors, appearance, and suffering through their habitat loss. So, in this blog post, we’ll discover the list of some of our feathered friends that begin with G.

Complete list of Popular Birds that Start with G.

Glossy Ibis

The Glossy Ibis is a beautiful bird often seen along the east coast of South America, north and central America. Their natural habitat includes wetlands, marshes, and ponds.

Birds that start with G, glossy ibis
Birds that start with G

These beautiful birds that start with G have dark, glossy feathers with bold chestnut neck and head feathers. A glossy ibis boasts long tail feathers that wave from side to side as they navigate the water’s surface, searching for aquatic prey.

This wading bird is the most widespread ibis species in most parts of the world. Although glossy ibis falls into both categories, migratory and nomadic birds tend to disperse right after the breeding season.

Giant Wood Rail

The giant wood rails are the bird that starts with G and are found in the natural habitat, including the forests and wetlands of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay and Uruguay.

giant wood rail, bird, fly
Birds that start with G

An aquatic bird primarily hunts for food, such as snails, slugs, eggs, lizards, frogs, insects, snakes, and other invertebrates near coastal areas.

Belongs to the Rallidae family, it’s characterized by its olive-black-white feathers, greyish underpart, red eyes, and a long yellow bill. These birds are incredibly adaptive, yet they face natural habitat loss.

Great-Tailed Grackles

Great-tailed Grackles,which start with G, are one of the most noticeable birds in North America. Great-tailed Grackles can be found in suburban areas, city parks, and riverside walks.

cuba, black bird, great-tailed grackle
Birds that start with G

A rich glossy black colour, these birds are both beautiful and easily recognizable by their long tails and black plumage, often standing upright when they perch or hop around on the ground.

But the females are about half the size of the adult males, and while they have yellow eyes, they are dark brown above and paler brown below.

Family groups of birds tend to remain in the same general region throughout the year, flying as far south as Guatemala for winter months. Their habitat loss is badly effecting their population.

Green Jays

Green Jays are birds that start with G and can be found in the United States and Central America. Green Jays are a passerine corvid species that live in tropical forests and open woodlands, but they’ve been known to inhabit areas woodlands.

green jay, bird, branch
Birds that start with G

These birds are primarily insectivores but can also eat cereal grains, acorns, nuts, insects and small mammals. These birds have distinctively bright yellow feathers, greenish upperparts, bright blue head, and crested heads.

Unfortunately, their habitats are quickly disappearing due to deforestation and urbanization. As humans continue to take over their natural habitats, Green Jays suffer greatly from habitat loss and becoming endangered species.

Grey Catbirds

The Gray Catbird is an interesting bird out of many birds that start with ‘G.’ These birds are native to the eastern and northern United States and southeastern Canada and usually live in wooded areas, tall trees as their natural habitat.

grey catbird, bird, avian

Gray Catbirds get their name from a call they frequently make that sounds like a mewing cat. They have distinctive grey heads, wings, and tails that distinguish them from other birds.

Unfortunately, gray catbirds are experiencing significant pressure on their habitat from urban sprawl and other human contructions.

Golden Eagles

Golden Eagles are birds that start with G, found in various countries like Mexico through much of western North America as far north as Alaska.

golden eagle, eagle head, raptor
Birds that start with G

They have a balanced mix of dark brown feathers, golden yellow claws, and a yellow bill. Plus, their wingspan reaches up to 1.8 to 2.3 metres.

These birds prefer to nest in wide open spaces such as prairies, farmland, tundra, and deserts, so they’re vulnerable to habitat loss due to human development.

Giant kingbird

The Giant Kingbird (Tyrannus gigas) is a beautiful bird that lives in North America. The birds usually feed on flying insects, mainly in moist forests and savannas.

eastern kingbird, tyrannus tyrannus, avian

It has fascinating, unique features, including a long black bill, rounded head, and grey-brown plumage.

Unfortunately, the habitats of giant kingbird are increasingly threatened by deforestation, which can severely impact birds like the Giant Kingbird.

Great Horned Owl

The Great Horned Owls birds start with a G and are found throughout the continental United States, Alaska,Central America, and South America.

great horned owl, great horned owls, owls

It’s one of the most widely distributed owls in the world, found in many different habitats, from forests, woodlots, and streamsides.

The Great Horned Owl has large yellow eyes, mottled grey-brown, tufted ears resembling horns, and a camouflaged appearance that helps them during prey hunting.

Unfortunately, their natural habitat is in danger due to human activities such as deforestation and poaching, leading to habitat loss for this incredible species.

Great Blue Heron (Ardea herodias)

The Great Blue Heron, or Ardea herodias, is one of the birds that start with G, and its natural habitat includes temperate climates near oceans, rivers and wetlands.

ardea herodias, great blue heron, canada heron

It has a long neck, greyish wings, white underparts, a yellow bill, and claws. These birds use their long neck to catch aquatic prey. Sadly, habitat loss due to human development has left its population declining in the United States.

Golden Fronted Woodpeckers

The Golden-Fronted Woodpecker birds start with G and are native to Central and North America. These birds prefer open woodlands, with trees such as cottonwoods,open woodlands, deciduous forest, and shrubs as part of their natural habitat.

bird, woodpecker, ornithology

These birds are distinguishable by their yellow forehead and cap of red feathers. Plus, dark brown stripes on its upper parts with white belly.

Sadly, as urbanization continues to take over more of the birds’ territory, there’s a risk that their habitat could be dramatically decreased in the future.

Gull-Billed Tern

The Gull-Billed Tern is a bird that start with G, and flies near its natural habitat of wetlands, mudflats, and coastal areas. These shore birds are found in southern Asia, and Africa.

gull, bird, slender-billed gull

When it come to their appearance, a gull billed tern has a white body, grey wings, blackish head, greyish orange beak and black tail. This large bird species is suffering through the habitat loss due to raised sea level.

Green Hermit

The Green Hermit is a small birds that starts with g and found in many countries, including southern Central America south to northern South America. Their natural habitat includes moist lowland forests, rainforests, mangroves, and riverbanks.

It has striking metallic bluish green body with blackish patch on its eye. They prefer to stay in the top locations of humid forest to access their main food sources, like spiders and insects.

These birds are experiencing an alarming habitat loss which puts them at risk of becoming endangered in upcoming years.

Goliath Heron

The beautiful Goliath Heron is one of birds that start with ‘G’ and is a large African heron. It can usually be found in shallow rivers, lakes, marshes or swamps in sub-Saharan Africa, and declining numbers in Southwest and South Asia.

It has dark grey legs, webbed feet, a creamy white belly with brown -black and grayish brown plumage. These bird species belongs to the heron family and are endangerd species to habitat loss.

Giant Ibises

The Giant ibis is a birds that starts with g and is native to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand. It is the national birds of Cambodia, and has an iconic status in Southeast Asia.

These birds are typically forty-one inches long, with a wingspan of up to thirty-eight inches.Their breeding season start in june and remain till September. Their females lay two eggs per clutch.

Giant ibises have grayish brown plumage, neck and a long brownish bill. Sadly, these giant ibises are critically endangered species due to habitat loss, mainly dense forests with nearby streams.

Giant Hummingbird

The Giant Hummingbird is one of birds that start with g, and it’s the biggest species of hummingbirds known to exist. These birds are located in southernmost Colombia, south to Chile and Argentina.

bird, ornithology, hummingbird

They can grow up to 8 in (20 cm), and have beautiful shinny emerald feathers, contrasting with their deep, fiery orange chest.

During the breeding season, they can be seen in open woodland areas and other areas with flowers to forage upon. Unfortunately, despite its impressive size, these birds are still susceptible to habitat loss due to deforestation.

Green kingfisher

The Green kingfisher is one of the birds that start with G, and is native to tropical parts of Australasia. Their natural habitat includes mangroves and riverbanks. They create their nests in river banks for easy access to food, including small fish.

kingfisher, bird, perched

Green kingfisher typically have a vibrant greenback with azure blue spots on wings, black bill, and tail. Plus, it has striking red legs and a bill. Their population is decreasing due to the destruction of natural wetlands where they used to live freely.

Galapagos Hawk

The Galapagos hawks are the birds starting with G found in the Galapagos Islands, and an impressive predator. They have dark gray feathers on their backs, white throat, wings and chestnut breasts.

hawk, bird of prey, bird
Birds that start with G

Galapagos hawks usually nest near the shoreline, lava fields, deciduous forest, tropical dry forest, mangroves, and mountains or where they have plenty of vegetation to camouflage themselves.

When breeding season arrives during March through June, these birds build nests on low trees or cacti in areas close to streams or ponds since their diet includes aquatic life such as fish.

Due to habitat loss due to growing human development on the Galapagos Islands, the numbers of these birds are decreasing rapidly.

Grey Plover

The Grey Plover are birds that start with G, are shore birds commonly found along sandy coasts throughout their natural habitats. They are closely related to the familiar birds known as golden plovers.

marsh wagtail, lake, waterfowl
Birds that start with G

In some places, they are also called “black-bellied plovers.” Grey Plovers have unique black and white feathers on the head and upper parts of their bodies and a broad black band across the belly. Their habitat loss caused by coastal development increasingly affects their population.

Golden Dove

Golden Doves are birds that start with G and can be found in parts of the Caribbean, including Southeast Asia and Oceania. Trinidad and Tobago. Their natural habitat includes tropical high-altitude shrubland and subtropical or tropical high-altitude grassland.

This small golden dove usually has bright yellow feathers, and dark brown stripes on its body. Its size is about eight inches long, and it has a short tail.

During breeding season, these birds come together in pairs or small flocks, allowing them to share their calls and attract mates.

Greater Sooty Owl

The greater sooty owls are birds starting with G, and south-eastern Australia, Montane rainforests of New Guinea. It is a birds that start with g and is commonly found in Australia and New Zealand. Their appearance includes grayish speckled feathers, heart shaped face, and large black eyes.

Their natural habitat are large tree hollows, caves and in dense foliage. Other birds closely related to them even inhabit rocky cliffs near coasts or islands.

They are most active at night and eat birds, rodents, reptiles, insects, and bats. However their natural enviromenrs are decreasing due to urban development, logging and mining activities, which has led to population declines in some areas.

Gilded flicker

The Gilded Flicker is a birds that starts with g, hailing from the deserts of Mexico and central America. These birds live mainly in woodlands, deserts, riverside groves, and dense forest.

flicker, bird, animal

This bird features stunning colors such as tan crown, greyish face, black spots on the belly, and dark brown patterns on the upperparts.

They often migrate in cold weather towards the warmer regions such as California or Northern Texas, where they flock together to huddle in wild forests for additional protection from the cold weather.

Grey Teals

Grey teals are birds starting with G and one of the most common birds found in New Zealand. They have a lovely grey appearance, dark brown patterns on wings, and red eyes.They have slender bodies and long necks, but their heads are smaller than other ducks.

duck, ducks, duckling

They nest near open wetlands, where they can easily get food. Because they tend to flock together, it’s not uncommon to spot them around lakes or coastal estuaries. Their diet mainly depends on the aquatic vegetation, seeds, and insects.

Q. What is an African bird that starts with the letter G?

An African bird that start with g is Garden warbler.

Q. What songbird starts with G?

Goldfinch is a song bird that starts with G.

Q. What is an Australian bird beginning with G?

Galah is a Australian bird beginning with G.

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