15 Interesting Birds that Start with H – With Pictures

There’re many fascinating birds exist to discover and explore. From the hawk soaring high in the sky to the tiny hummingbirds darting among flowers, there’s always something new to learn about these beautiful birds.

But today, we’ll explore a specific birds that start with the letter H. So without further ado, let’s start exploring these birds.

15 Types of Birds That Start with H – (With Photos)

Harpy Eagle

Harpy Eagles are large raptor birds that start with H and are found in the natural habitats and lowland rainforests of Central and South America. These birds are closely related to other eagles but stand out with their striking appearance and incredible hunting abilities.

harpy, eagle, bird

The Harpy Eagle has a striking appearance with its greyish-black plumage, grey head, bold facial features, white belly, and white feathers below. Plus, they have a wingspan of nearly 6.5 feet.

It is the national bird of Panama and is known for its predatory skills. During the breeding season, these eagles form strong bonds with their mates and fiercely protect their offspring.

Hermit Thrush

The Hermit Thrush is a small yet enchanting bird closely related to other thrushes. Found in deciduous and evergreen forests, especially around edges or openings of north eastern America.

Hermit thrush, Birds that start with H
Birds that start with H

Their soft brown feathers with spots and streaks provide excellent camouflage in their forest homes. This bird is known for its beautiful appearance and melodious chirping. During the breeding season, the males of this species sing to attract other females for mating.

The harpy eagle is a fast forager, feeding on insects, berries, and other small creatures in their woodland environments.

House Finch

The House Finch is a small, colourful bird that lives in many parts of southern Mexico, South America, and North America. The natural habitat of the house finch includes fields, woodlands, desert grassland, oak savannah, and streamsides.

Finch, Birds that start with H
Birds that start with H

A house finch belongs to the finch family, but it stands out due to the rosy red around its face, on the upper side, and brown-streaked on its back, belly and tail.

During the breeding season, the house finch males sing to attract a mate and use twigs and grass to build their nests. Their resilience and adaptability allow them to naturally fit into their environment, often coexisting with humans in urban areas.

Harlequin Ducks

The Harlequin duck is a unique species of h bird that inhabit the rocky shorelines of fast-moving streams and rivers in North America, Greenland, Iceland, eastern Russia and Japan.

Their appearance features bold black, grey, and white markings with a chestnut patch on both sides.

They are known for their distinctive whistling calls and playful behaviour, often diving and swimming in fast-moving water. But these beautiful ducks fit naturally into their environment, adding a touch of colour and vibrancy to the rocky shores.

Hairy Woodpeckers

The Hairy Woodpecker, one of the H birds, is a striking bird with a unique appearance and fascinating behaviour. These woodpeckers are found throughout woodlots, suburbs, forest edges, and open woodlands of Canada, the United States, Mexico, and Central America.

Hairy woodpecker, Birds that start with H
Birds that start with H

Woodpeckers have a distinctive appearance with a sharp beak, black and white feathers, bold markings, and a red patch on their heads. Their natural habitat provides the perfect environment for their foraging and nesting activities.

Hairy Woodpeckers are known for drumming, a behaviour used to attract mates and establish territory.

Hooded Crow

The Hooded Crow is a fascinating bird that lives in the woodland, farmland, coastal areas, towns and gardens of eastern Asia, North West Scotland, and Northern Ireland.

hooded crow, bird, nature

These H birds are known for their striking appearance. That includes a black head, whitish underparts, and black tail feathers. These medium-sized birds can feed on various foods, including insects, small animals, and eggs. They look similar to other birds in the crow family but are highlighted due to their ability to vocalization.

House Sparrows

House Sparrows, or H birds, are small birds that live in eastern Asia, central America, and northern Africa. These small birds live in deserts, forests, urban areas, suburbs, and farms.

Sparrow, Birds that start with H
Birds that start with H

These birds have a distinctive appearance, with brown and grey feathers, short tails, black markings around their eyes, and a distinctive beak.

They are often seen in urban environments and adapted to live near human settlements. The House Sparrow is a social bird, often seen in flocks.

This bird blends naturally into its surroundings, scavenging for food and using its chirping call to communicate with other members of its flock.

Hooded Merganser

The Hooded merganser is a stunning bird found in Wooded lakes, ponds, rivers, woodland ponds, and wooded swamps ofeastern North America.

With their distinct, It has a black body with a white head and crest. Hooded Mergansers are easily distinguishable from other birds in their ecosystem. These birds are known for their ability to hunt underwater, using their sharp beaks to catch fish and other aquatic creatures.

House Wren

The House Wren is one of the many h-birds. That is found in the Open woods, towns, and gardens of Canada, northern Africa and South America. These small birds have a unique appearance, including brown plumage, white bellies and round body shapes.

bird, perched, Birds that start with H
Birds that start with H

But what they lack in size, they make up for in their vocal abilities, known for their chirpings. Their natural habitats include suburbs, orchards, open forests, streamside groves, and pine-oak woods.

They coexist peacefully with other birds but are known to be territorial during the breeding season.

Hook Billed Kite

Hook-Billed Kites are magnificent birds commonly found in wooded streams and rainforests of North America and central and south America. This bird species that start with H has a distinct appearance that sets it apart from other birds in the region.

black-winged kite, black-shouldered kite, kite
Birds that start with H

With a wingspan reaching up to 5 feet, the Hook-Billed Kite is impressive as it soars through the treetops. Its plumage is a beautiful combination of grey, and chestnut underparts, which provides excellent camouflage.

Despite their striking appearance, Hook-Billed Kites are relatively rare birds, and their populations are threatened by habitat loss and deforestation.

Hooded Oriole

The Hooded Oriole is a stunning bird species that starts with H, found throughout central and south America. Their natural habitat includes open woods in lowlands, streams, cottonwood, and suburbs, where they build their nests high up in the trees.

Black-hooded oriole, Birds that start with H
Birds that start with H

The males of this species have bright yellow or orange plumage with a distinctive black bill and wings. In contrast, the females have soft colours, including olive-yellow underparts and greyish wings.

They depend on various diet that includes nectar, insects, and fruit, and they are particularly fond of the flowers of the ocotillo plant.

Despite being a relatively common bird species that starts with H, the Hooded Oriole populations are still threatened by habitat loss.


The Hoopoe is a unique and fascinating bird that starts with H across parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia. Its natural habitat includes grasslands, savannas, and open woodlands, where it forages insects, worms, and small reptiles.

bird, avian, hoopoe
Birds that start with H

This bird, that starts with H, has a striking appearance. It has a distinctive crown of feathers on its head that can be raised or lowered, depending on its mood. Its wings and tail feathers are black and white, and its body is covered in a mix of rust-brown and white feathers.

Male and female Hoopoes look similar, but females are slightly smaller and have shorter bills. The male has a more elongated curved bill, which he uses to catch insects hidden in the soil.

Despite their beautiful appearance and interesting behaviour, Hoopoes face numerous threats, including habitat loss and hunting.

Hooded Grosbeak

The Hooded Grosbeak is a colourful bird that starts with H, a resident of the high-altitude forests of Mexico and Central America.

bird, bright colors, evening grosbeak

These birds are known for their striking appearance, with the yellowish-black, white wings, head and orange cinnamon underparts.

Male and female Hooded Grosbeaks have different physical characteristics, with the male being slightly larger than the female and having a more prominent bill. Despite their striking appearance, Hooded Grosbeaks are threatened by habitat loss.

Harris’s Hawk

It is a medium-sized bird that breeds in Central and South America, Chile, Central Argentina, and Brazil. Other names of the The Harris’s hawk include the peuco, the bay-winged hawk, the dusky hawk, and occasionally a wolf hawk.

Harris, hawk,  birds that start with H,
Birds that start with H

These birds that start with H, also known as bay-winged hawk, are fascinating creatures found in deserts, grasslands, and scrublands.

The Harris’s hawk has a distinctive plumage, predominantly dark- brown, with patches of white and black on its wings and tail. These birds have curved beak that is perfect for tearing through flesh, which is necessary for their carnivorous diet.

Harris’s Hawks, or dusky hawks, hunt in the flock of up to 7 birds. This bird prefers to nest in large trees or on high cliffs, where it can watch its surroundings.

Hen Harrier

The Hen Harriers are birds that start with H, found in the northern hemisphere, extending from North America to Eurasia.

hen harrier, jugs, young

It is the only species breeds of harrier that breeds in the UK. The Hen Harrier is a stunning bird with distinctive grey plumage, a white rump, and black wingtips. They are known for their acrobatic flight and ability to hunt prey in open areas such as moorlands and heaths.

Q. What is a bird that starts with H?

Many popular birds begin with H, such as harlequin ducks, hood mockingbirds, hen harriers, hermit warblers, and hook-billed kingfishers.

Q. What bird with long legs starts with H?

Harlequin duck is a long-leg Bird that starts with H.

Q. What are the five different types of H birds?

Harris’s hawks, hooded merganser, house sparrow, hooded oriole, and harlequin duck are the different types of birds that start with H.

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