11 Different Birds that Start with L

Among the thousands of bird species that exist, many different species of birds start with the letter “L.”

These birds are as unique as they are stunning, each possessing distinct physical characteristics, behaviors, and habitats. From the long-tailed, graceful Lazuli Buntings to the distinctive Lanner Falcon with its loud, haunting call, these birds are stunning to explore.

Let’s explore the world of these 11 species of birds that start with L.

11 Birds That Start With L – (Info & Pictures)

Lazuli Buntings

Lazuli Buntings are vibrant and enchanting birds that start with L. Their scientific name is Passerina amoena.

Birds that start with L
Birds that start with L

These birds naturally inhabit open woodlands, open brush, streamside shrub, and shrubby fields of Central America, Southern Canada, and South America.

The male has a bright blue head and an orange-colored breast, while juveniles and females are grayish brown colors and have cinnamon or tan breasts. Their unique appearance makes them stand out from other birds beginning with L.

Lark Sparrow

The Lark Sparrow is one of the many birds that start with the letter L. Its scientific name is Chondestes grammacus. These birds live in the west and the Great Plains in prairies, grasslands, shrubs of Southern Canada, Central America, and northern Mexico.

lesser swamp warbler, bird, warbler

The male’s courting display is a series of hops and couches. It is a fairly common bird and occurs in quite a large area. Female Lark Sparrows can sometimes use old mockingbird nests instead of their own.

The Lark Sparrow is easily identified by its bold chestnut and white facial stripes, rust-colored cap, and distinctive tail pattern.

Lanceolated Warbler

The Lanceolated Warbler is a small passerine bird that belongs to the birds that start with L. Its scientific name is Locustella lanceolate, found in the swampy open forests, reedbeds, and swampy edge of Northeast European Russia, Siberia, and Northern Japan.

Lanceolated Warbler,Birds that start with L
Lanceolated Warbler

The Lanceolated Warbler has a streaked brown back and whitish-grey underparts with dark black eyes. Its melodic, warbling song is another addition to its subtle beauty.

During the breeding season, the Lanceolated Warbler’s natural habitat consists of dense shrubbery and undergrowth where it can build its nest and lay eggs.

Despite its unremarkable appearance, the Lanceolated Warbler is an essential part of the ecosystem, and like other birds beginning with L, it coexists with other birds naturally.

Large Grey Babbler

The Large Grey Babblers are birds that start with l, and their scientific name is Turdoides Malcolmi. This small bird is found in the open woodlands and scrublands.

As one of the birds starting with L, these social creatures live in large groups and are known for their melodic chatter. These birds have brown bodies with creamy white outer tail feathers.

Compared to other birds naturally found in their habitat, the Large Grey Babbler has a chunky build and a long tail that helps with balance when climbing trees.


Lapwings are birds that start with L. Their scientific name is Vanellus vanellus. The Northern Lapwing, also known as the Peewit, Green Plover, or Lapwing, is a bird of the plover family.

Their natural habitats include urban areas, parks, rural areas, farmland, and pond in India, China, Thailand, and Bangladesh.

With their glossy green-purple back, black and white plumage, and signature crest, Lapwings stand out amongst other birds.

Ladder Backed Woodpecker

The Ladder-Backed Woodpecker is a striking bird that belongs to the Picidae family, one of the many birds that start with L. Its scientific name is Picoides scalaris. The woodpeckers live in the desert scrub, riparian woodlands with deciduous trees of the southwestern United States.

It is easily recognizable by its distinctive black and white striped ladder-like pattern on its back and reddish crest. These interesting Birds are small in size, with a wingspan of only around 13 inches, making it one of the smaller birds beginning with “L.”The Ladder-Backed Woodpeckers are often spotted scaling tree trunks and branches.

Lawrence’s Goldfinch

Lawrence’s Goldfinch is a marvel among birds that start with L, with its scientific name Spinus Lawrence. These birds beginning with L, live in the stream, small lakes, and farm ponds of the Southwestern United States.

birds that satrt with L, Lawrence's Goldfinch
birds that start with L, Lawrence’s Goldfinch

These small chirping birds have greyish heads and backs, yellowish patches on their wings, and chests with smaller pale bills.

The male dons a black mask over his eyes, making him look like a charming bandit, while the female boasts a more subdued look. These Birds start their day with a sweet, bubbly song that echoes through the fields and meadows.

Laysan albatross

The Laysan albatross’s scientific name is Phoebastria immutabilis, and one of the most beautiful birds that starts with L. Mostly found in the colder oceans of Antarctica to Australia, South Africa, and South America. They are mostly found nesting on other Hawaiian islands as well.

With a wingspan of up to six feet, this bird has snowy white feathers, a hooked beak, and pinkish legs. Watching the Laysan albatross soar through the sky alongside other birds naturally adds beauty to nature.

Lanner Falcon

Lanner Falcon’s scientific name is Falco biarmicus. Its natural habitats are deserts, forests, woods, plains, and savannas of Western Palearctic, Arabian Peninsula, South America, and Central and Southern Africa.

Laner falcon, birds that start with L
Laner falcon, birds that start with L

These falcons are birds that start with L and stand out with their striking appearance, boasting greyish brown with scaly patterned wings, white underparts, and a pointed bill. This falcon is famous for its impressive hunting skills and agility in flight.

Large Ground Finch

The scientific name of the large ground finch is Geospiza magnirostris. This ground finch inhabits the subtropical, tropical dry forests and tropical dry shrubland of the Galápagos islands, Ecuador.

These birds that start with L have attractive appearances. That includes a blackish body with streaked grey wings and a tail. After the first rainy season, they start mating. The finch male performs courtship displays to attract females in their breeding season.

Least bitterns

Least bitterns are birds that start with the letter L, and their scientific name is Ixobrychus exilis. These birds are found in the natural habitat, including saltwater, brackish, and freshwater wetlands of southern Florida and North and Central America.

Birds that start with L, Least bitterns
Birds that start with L

They’re longer than an American Robin but shorter than a European Starling. Least bitterns feature rather plain feathers in hues of brown and gray, but their throats and bellies brighten to a light tan.

Their loud buzzing vocalization sounds like musical reeds, making them stand out among the other birds that live around them in freshwater wetlands.

Q. What is a bird that starts with an L?

Various birds start with L. Some are lapwing, lanner falcon, and Least bitterns.

Q. What parrot starts with L?

Lorikeet is a parrot that starts with L.

Q. Which north African bird starts with L?

The lark is a common bird in Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

Final Thought

In summary, birds that start with L offer a fascinating glimpse into the diversity and complexity of the avian world. Species like the Laughing Gull and Little Blue Heron showcase the varied habitats these birds inhabit, from coastal areas to wetlands. 

The Lake Duck and Lesser Scaup, being diving ducks, demonstrate unique foraging behaviors, while the Laced Woodpecker and Lark-like Brushrunner exemplify the adaptability of birds to different environmental conditions.

Birds such as the Little Egret and Lesser Goldfinch highlight the importance of migratory patterns, often traveling long distances between breeding and wintering grounds. 

The Lesser Scaup, a medium-sized bird, and the small songbird, the Lesser Goldfinch, illustrate the range in size and physical characteristics found in these species. 

Its characteristics like the red crown of the Lesser Goldfinch, the bright yellow of the American Goldfinches, and the black head and yellow bill of the Little Egret are just a few examples of the stunning visual diversity.

Moreover, these birds’ feeding habits, from seeds and insects to small fish, reflect their ecological roles. 

Their presence in various regions, from Southeast Asia to Central and South America, underscores the global importance of avian species and the need for continued conservation efforts.

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Olivia Kepner