10 Interesting Birds that Start with M – With Pictures

Did you know that there are over 9,000 species of birds in the world? That means there are a lot of different birds that start with different letters.

In this blog post, we’ll look at some of the most interesting birds that begin with M. From the iconic Marsh sandpiper to Mallards. All the birds are fascinating to explore. So let’s get started!

M Birds Name List – With Pictures

Marsh Sandpiper

The Marsh sandpiper is a species of bird that starts with M. These birds lives in the coastal and inland wetlands throughout Australia. Their scientific name is Tringa stagnatilis.

wood sandpiper, bird, sandpiper
Birds that start with M

It resembles a small elegant Greenshank, with a long bill and yellowish legs. Like the Greenshank, it is greyish brown in breeding plumage, paler in winter, andbrownishinish white back. Unfortunately, these bird species are facing habitat loss because of urbanization and deforestation.

Mikado Pheasants

Mikado Pheasants are the interesting birds that start with M and are endemic to Taiwan, where they inhabit mountain regions and dense shrubs. They are solitary birds that are always alert to their surroundings. The scientific name of this bird species is Syrmaticus mikado.

Birds that start with M, Mikado Pheasants
Birds that start with M

They are large birds with black and white long tail feathers, but females have brown plumage. In contrast, the males have striking black plumage with shimmery blue necks, violet heads, black head and white stripes across their wings.

Mikado Pheasants face habitat loss due to logging and other activities that compromise their living space. But if you’re a bird enthusiast, you can help by planting the grasses and shrubs that create sheltered nests for the birds.

Malabar Grey Hornbill

These birds beginning with M, are one of the beautiful hornbills of horbill family. These birds are found in wet forests of the Western Ghats Mountains of Southern India. Their scientific name is Ocyceros griseus.

Malabar Grey Hornbill, birds that start with M
Malabar Grey Hornbill

This bird species has greyish wings and a long blackish tail with a whitish tip. Their beak is long and curved with a pale color.

Their natural habitats have been under threat due to the urbanizationtion, resulting in decreased numbers.

Bird enthusiasts should help protect these birds by encouraging conservation efforts such as protecting woodlands and trees (the birds’ natural habitats) or raising awareness through social media or educational campaigns.

Madagascar Fish Eagle

The Madagascar Fisagle is a impressive birds that sart with M, and it is the national bird of Madagascar. Their scientific name is Haliaeetus vociferoides. These predators are located in the Indian Ocean off the east coast of Africa.

Birds that start with M
Birds that start with M

Their appearance includes dark brown plumage, pale grey head, dark brown scaly patterned wings, and wingspan up to seventy-one inches.

They enjoy a wide range of habitats, including wetlands, forests, lakes, rivers, and agricultural lands, but deforestation causes them to call home smaller areas. Their population is declining due to habitat loss. Presently the IUCN enlisted these birds as critically endangered species.

Malabar Hornbills

Malabar Hornbills are birds that start with M and have a fascinating presence in the natural world. hornbillsrnbill are foin the southeast Asia. The scientific nathis birde bird is Ocyceros griseus.

Bird that start with M, Malabar Hornbills
Birds that start with M

Their gorgeous appearance consist of large black and white wings and impressive horn-like casques on their bills. Malabar Hornbills thrive on forest fruits and occasionally feed on small vertebrates.

They’re suffering through drastic loss to their habitats due to overhunting. Bird enthusiasts should consider donating to organizations specializing in conserving birds or volunteering at local sanctuaries.

Additionally, if you have space to create a safe space for birds in your home, it can benefit conservation efforts.

Mourning Doves

The scientific name of these birds that start with M is Zenaida macroura. Their natural habitat includes Farms, open woods, roadside and es, and grassland the North America, the Greater Antilles, Bermuda, and Central America.

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The birds are well known for their dove-like appearance, with a small head and rounded body. These birds have a greyish brown plumage, with black spot the s on the backside.

Due to deforestation,ion they’re facing habitat loss. t a bird enthusiast can do their part in protecting mourning doves by supporting local conservation groups who work tirelessly to preserve these birds’ habitats.

Monk Parakeets

Monk Parakeets, birds that start with M, are medium sized parrots native to South America. Their scientific name is Myiopsitta monachus. Found in parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, and North America. They have bluish-green feathers on their backs, white underparts, pale grey head, and pointed tails tail.

Bird that start with M
Bird that start with M

Their habitat loss due to urban developmeaffectedadly affected this species. As a bird enthusiast it is important to learn about importance of the eco system and share it with others to protect avians from extinction.

Mandarin Duck

The Mandara a in Duck is stunningly beautiful and rare bird species that starts with M. Their scientific name is Aix galericulata.

Bird that start with M
Bird that start with M

These birds commonly inhabits rivers, streams, marshes, swamps, and freshwater lakes of Korea, Eastern Russia, China, Taiwan, and Japan. They can reach nearly 10 inches in length and feature an array of captivating colors, including cerulean blue, bright orange, yellow, and white plumage.

Melodious Warblers

These smirks that start with M, and their scientific name is Hippolais polyglotta. These birds primarily inhabit in the open woodlands and bushes of Northwest Africa and Western Europe.

Bird that start with M, wrablers
Bird that start with M

These birds are small, but have beautiful combination plumage. Their appearance includes plain brownish back and wings with yellow underparts. They also have a steady, pointed bill and brown legs. Sadly, these birds are on the brink of extinction due to habitat loss, so bird enthusiasts should give all the possible effort to secure them.


Malllard is a common bird that starts with M and vastly distributed amongst different countries such as Asia, southern Europe, and North America. The scientific name of these birds is Anas platyrhynchos. These birds are closely related to the duck family.

Mallards, bird that start with M
Bird that start with M

Their natural habitats include marshes,riverine floodplains, lakes, ponds, city parks, and farms. The appearance of male ducks includes emerald green head, chestnut feathers and yellow bill. But the females have mottled greyish brown and orangish brown bills.

The increasing population of humans, and industrialization has badly impacted the natural habitats of these ducks. Fewer wetlands means less available breeding grounds for them.

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Q. What is a bird that start with M is a bird that start with M?

Many birds start with the letter M. Some are mandarin duck, madagascar ibis, madagascar cuckoo, malabar grey hornbill, macaroni penguins, and mountain bluebirds.

Q. What water bird starts with M?

Macaroni Penguin, Mandarin Duck, Mute Swans, Magellanic Penguins are water birds that start with M.

Q. What is the extinct bird that starts with M?

Moa is theextinct bird that starts with M.

Final Thought

In exploring the list of birds that start with M, we delve into a diverse world, where each species exhibits unique traits and behaviors that fascinate bird enthusiasts. The magpie, a medium-sized bird, exemplifies intelligence and adaptability.

Known for their glossy black-and-white appearance and strong legs, magpies forage in small groups, often in urban areas, showcasing their resourcefulness.

Among the songbirds, the magnolia warbler stands out with its streaked appearance and distinctive black mask. Its courtship displays, involving intricate songs and vibrant plumage, mesmerize observers. 

This bird, with its white eye ring and red eyes, nests on the ground in tropical and subtropical regions, highlighting the adaptability of smaller birds to varied habitats.

In summary, birds starting with “M” range from the familiar magpie to the exotic marabou stork. Each species, whether a songbird, a bird of prey, or a unique duck species, contributes to the rich tapestry of avian life. 

Their behaviors, from foraging to nesting, and their adaptations, from the crest to the perch, offer endless opportunities for observation and study, captivating birdwatchers and NLP enthusiasts alike.

Finally, see the entire series of birds that start with or begin with the letter: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

Olivia Kepner