15 Interesting Birds that Start with F – (Pictures & Info)

Have you ever imagined how many birds start with F? If you’re a bird enthusiast, you may have heard of popular birds that begin with the letter “F,” such as the Fish crow or the finch.

But have you tried to explore more birds that start with F or how they’re helping our ecosystem maintain its balance? Not yet, Don’t worry! Let’s explore today 15 interesting birds that start with F and have beautiful appearances.

Popular Birds that Start with F

Fish Crows

Fish crows, birds that start with F
Fish Crows, birds that start with F

Fish crows are birds that start with F, commonly found in the United States. It’s a small and agile bird that belongs to the family Corvidae. Its natural habitat includes both freshwater and saltwater wetlands.

In addition to its distinctive call, the fish crow is known for its black plumage and ability to catch fish with its hooked bill. This bird species is omnivorous, which means it can feed on small insects, animals, fruits, and vegetables.

The fish crow is an important part of the ecosystem in tropical moist lowland forests and other natural habitats, where it plays a vital role in maintaining the ecosystem.

Fork-tailed Flycatcher

These forked-tail flycatchers are the birds that start with F and are found in central and south America. This passerine bird is found in riparian forests, forest edges, mangroves, savannas, and grasslands.

a fork-tailed flycatcher, birds that start with F
The Fork-Tailed Flycatcher

Further, the fork-tailed flycatcher has brown wings, white underparts, a black cap, and extremely long forked tail feathers. Like many other birds that start with F, this stunning species is mostly caught perching on tall trees. This small passerine bird is insectivorous but feeds on berries and small fruits.

Fulvous Owl

Fulvous Owl (Strix fulvescens), also known as the “Guatemala Barred Owl. It’s an interesting bird that starts F and is closely related to the owl species. These unique bird species are found in the tropical moist lowland forests of South and Central America.

Fulvous Owl, birds that start with F
Fulvous Owl

With its natural habitats ranging from Mexico to Brazil, this bird is known for its distinctive appearance. Its dark brown feathers give it a warm, rustic glow that blends seamlessly in the forest.

The Fulvous Owl has adapted to its environment by hunting at night and using its sharp hearing to figure out its prey.

Fischer’s Greenbul

Fischer’s Greenbul is a delightful bird species found in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. The natural habitat of this small passerine bird includes subtropical or tropical dry forests and subtropical and tropical moist lowland forests.

This beautiful bird has a unique appearance, with olive-green feathers on the upper parts and a yellowish-green hue on the underparts. It has short wings and a blackish bill.

Fischer’s Greenbul is a fantastic example of a small passerine bird that starts with F, and it’s fascinating to observe them in their natural habitats. These forests provide the ideal environment for Fischer’s Greenbul to thrive.

Floreana Mockingbird

The Floreana Mockingbird is a unique species in the Galapagos Islands. These small birds that start with F are known for their distinctive appearance, which includes a small body and a long, curved beak.

They are typically found in tropical moist lowland forests and other lush environments that provide ample food and shelter. These birds are endemic species to the Galapagos Islands, located at Ecuador’s coast.

Despite their small size, these birds are known for their vocalizations, which are a common sound in the natural habitats of the Galapagos Islands. Unfortunately, the Floreana Mockingbirds are an endangered species of the mimid family.

Fiji Woodswallow

Fiji Woodswallow is a species of bird of the woodpecker family, Dendropidae, and birds that start with F with interesting characteristics. They’re found in the tropical moist lowland forests of Fiji, a beautiful island country in the South Pacific Ocean.

These bird species are known for their unique appearance, featuring striking grey feathers on their head, back, wings, and white underparts. They are commonly seen flitting through the forests, darting between trees to catch insects for their meals.

Festive Amazons

Festive Amazons are an enchanting species renowned for their vibrant colours and lively personalities. Usually found throughout Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil.

Parrot, amazon, Birds  that start with F
Birds that start with F

Festive Amazons are parrot species that live in tropical rainforests. They’re one of the parrot species that survive up to 60 years under the proper care and nourishment.

With their striking green feathers and vibrant greenish-yellow plumage, Festive Amazons stand out as some of the most visually stunning creatures of the avian world.

Forest Canary

This finch family of birds beginning with F are endemic to Southern Africa. Their natural habitats include tropical moist lowland forests and tropical, subtropical, and tropical moist montane forests.

With its bright yellow body blended with greyish plumage and patterns, it stands out among other birds. This passerine bird, similar to a sparrow, is also known for their sweet songs and perching sounds.

These are small omnivorous birds that feed on seeds, fruits, and small insects. The Forest Canary is an amazing part of the ecosystem due to its natural beauty and playful nature.

Fischer’s Lovebird

Fischer’s Lovebirds belong to the parrot family and are one of the beautiful songbirds that start with F. This passerine bird species thrives in woodlands, savannas, and scrub forests. Their native countries are east-central Africa and Tanzania.

parrot, bird, lovebird

These colourful birds are attractive with their vibrant green plumage, bright red beaks, and striking greenish feathers with white-bordered eyes.

These love birds are known for their playful and social nature, often seen flying in pairs or small flocks. They are known as love birds due to their strong monogamous bonding with their partners.

Fulvous-Headed Brush-Finch

The fulvous-headed brush finch is found in tropical moist lowland forests, tropical moist lowland forests and tropical moist montane forests. These are the native birds of Argentina to central Bolivia.

Their unique appearance includes a distinctive bright orange-brown head, black eyes, and an olive-greenish plumage. They primarily feed on insects and berries, a food preference shared with many birds of prey. These birds are an important part of the ecosystem, as they play a crucial role in pollination and seed dispersal.

Flame Robin

The flame robin is a bird that begins with the letter F. The natural habitat of the Flame Robin (Petroica phoenicea) is the eucalypt forests and woodlands of southeastern Australia, including Tasmania. The male and female have similar colouring, although the male’s colours are more vibrant.

flame robin, robin, petroica phoenicea
Flame Robin

This small bird got flame in its name due to its appearance as the colour in its underparts is reddish-orange which looks like a burning flame. Flame Robins are migratory birds, and during the winter months, they move to lower elevations and more coastal areas.

The Flame Robin is mainly insectivorous, pouncing on prey from a perch in a tree or foraging on the ground. This small bird is around 14 cm long and has distinctive orangish underparts and a dark grey face with a grey back and wings.

Flying Steamer Duck

The Flying Steamer Ducks are majestic birds that start with F. These ducks are usually found in South America and Argentina. Their natural habitats are the rocky coasts and islands. It’s a small duck from the family Anatidae.

Steamer duck, birds that start with F
Fly Steamer Ducks

It has a distinct appearance, including black and white plumage and a yellowish bill. Its plumage is very similar to the other three steamer ducks. But the difference is that this one can swim and fly.

Forest Kingfisher

The Forest Kingfisher, also known as the Macleay’s or Blue Kingfisher, is a species of kingfisher in the Halcyonidae family, also known as tree kingfishers. These are beautiful coastal birds that start with F.

Forest Kingfisher
Forest Kingfisher

The Forest Kingfishers are a tree kingfisher species common across eastern and northern Australia. It is commonly seen in natural forest edges, coastal areas, lakes, and rivers.

Its vibrant blue and white feathers make it a beautiful small kingfisher in its species. Whether perched atop a tree or darting through the air in pursuit of its prey, the forest kingfisher is a true marvel of the natural world.

Fly River Grassbird

The Fly River Grassbird is a species of Old World warbler in the Sylviidae family. It is found in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, similar to the sparrow and tern.

Birds that start with F
Birds that start with F

This small brown bird has brownish and black, white plumage. Its natural habitats are typically freshwater marshes and lakes. With its melodious chirping and intricately patterned feathers, the field sparrow is also an addition to beauty in nature.

Forest Owlet

The Forest Owlets are the birds that start with F and are a sight to behold with their striking appearance and unique habitats. These small birds are found in India, not unlike sparrows, making their homes in the natural forest edges and dry deciduous teak forests.

spotted owlet, athene brama, bird

The Forest Owlet is an eye-catching bird with a large skull, dark brown and white plumage, and a yellow beak. With this, they’re fierce predators, using their sharp claws to catch insects and small rodents.

Q. What songbird starts with f?

Songbirds that begin with F are Fischer’s Greenbul, Fly River Grassbird, and Fischer’s Lovebird.

Q. What is one Australian bird that starts with F?

One Australian bird that starts with f is Forest Kingfisher.

Q. What are the 5 types of birds that start with f?

fan-tailed raven, forest raven, fasciated tiger heron, forest buzzard, and Formosan blue magpie are the types of birds that start with F.


The flammulated owl and ferruginous hawk display raptors’ distinctiveness, while the flamboyant flamingo and the delicate petrel showcase the spectrum from vivid wetland dwellers to strong seabirds. 

The american crow and Florida scrub-jay, members of the Corvid family, demonstrate intelligence and adaptability, surviving in varied habitats, from inland forests to coastal areas. 

The fox sparrow and forest robin, with their melodious calls, enhance the avian chorus. Notably, the Falkland steamer duck and fork-tailed storm petrel highlight the struggle against habitat loss, a pressing issue for many species. 

This list underscores the richness of avian life, from the tyrant flycatcher family in the Americas to species endemic to remote islands, each bird playing a vital role in its ecosystem.

Finally, check out the entire series of birds that start with or begin with the letter: ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.

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