20 Animals that Start With I

Do you know what an ibex is?

How about an iguana? These are just two of the 17 incredible animals that start with “I.” Explore some of the lesser-known members of the animal kingdom.

You might be surprised about interesting animals that start with “I.

Indian Palm Squirrel

The Indian Palm Squirrel is a unique animal that starts with “I.” In addition, it belongs to the family of tree squirrels.

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They have a distinct pattern, grey backs, and white bellies. This squirrel species are found in southwest parts of India but also makes its home in Central and South America.

Despite its cuddly appearance, Indian Palm Squirrels can be quite dangerous when agitated or threatened. These animals begin with I can bite. This small animal is capable of delivering quite painful bites if provoked.

Indian Rhinoceros

The Indian Rhinoceros, or Rhino for short, is a powerful and majestic animal native to India and parts of Nepal. With its hard skin and a unique single horn on its nose, it has become an iconic animal in the world of animals that start with “I.”

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Although these animals can weigh up to 3,500kgs (7,700 pounds), their diet mainly consists of grasses and leaves from low-lying trees and plants. The Indian Rhino is now listed as an endangered species.

Indian Star Tortoise

The Indian Star Tortoise, known by animals that start with “I” as “Geochelone Elegans,” is unique in Central and South America.

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They get their name from the beautiful and unique pattern on the top of their shells that reflect stars.

The fun fact about Indian Star Tortoise is they are semi-aquatic animals and usually feed on grasses, weeds, and other vegetation. These animals can live for more than 80 years or even more with proper care.

Indochinese Tiger

The Indochinese Tiger, scientifically known as Panthera tigris corbetti, are most attractive animals that start with the letter I and is one of the eight species of Tiger.

They are found primarily throughout southern Asia. The Indochinese Tiger has unique stripes, which are wider apart than other “I” animals.

Like most tigers, they have a combination of orange fur with black stripes and white fur on their belly and inner legs.

This unique pattern of fur helps protect them from predators and allows them to blend into their environment more naturally.

Another interesting fact about the Indochinese Tiger is that they usually reside alone, though they hunt together in groups when food is scarce.

Benjamin Button Jellyfish

Benjamin Button Jellyfish is also known as Immortal Jellyfish. Whose scientific name is “Turritopsis dohrnii,” is one of the most interesting animals that start with “I.

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Immortal jellyfish is the only known species to be biologically immortal. That’s right, not just virtually immortal but biologically. That means its cells can go through a process called transdifferentiation.

Through this process, cells can regrow and regenerate without aging, allowing the species to achieve virtual immortality.

Furthermore, this species of jellyfish is just one of several sea animals where scientists have discovered similar abilities to reverse aging and regenerate tissues. All these fascinating facts make the Immortal Jellyfish an amazing creature indeed!

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter, scientifically known as “Canis lupus familiarise.” It’s the only dog breed that is specially used for hunting.

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This popular breed is known for its long, wavy coats and unique reddish-brown color. A fun fact about these beautiful Irish Setter dogs is that they are the oldest dog breeds.

They were popular hunting hosts with humans until the development of other dogs, like Labrador Retrievers, made them obsolete. They boast high energy and intelligence levels, making them great pets for agile owners with lots of time to devote.

Indian Giant Squirrel

Indian giant squirrel is another stunning animal that starts with “I.” Its scientific name, “Ratufa indica,” stands as one of the most interesting creatures in the animal kingdom.

Their fun fact is that they can jump up to 8 feet at a time. But what makes these animals even more curious is that despite their size, they are quite timid. This beautiful Indian giant squirrel can easily be scared away by other species.

Indian Elephants

Indian Elephants are certainly one of the more interesting animals that start with “I.” Did you know that the Indian elephant’s scientific name is “Elephas maximus indicus.”

This elephant species is native to Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Laos, China, Cambodia, and Southern and eastern Africa and is the largest land animal in its environment.

They have some incredible characteristics. For example, the male’s tusks are usually about nine feet long. It is also fun that this species has smaller ears and much smaller tusks than other species of elephants.

Iriomote Cat

Have you ever heard of the Iriomote Cat? This exotic animal, also called the leopard cat, is one of the few that starts with “I.” Its scientific name is ‘Prionailurus bengalensis iriomotensis,’ a species found mainly on the Japanese island of Iriomote.

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As an interesting fact, it is rarely seen because it lives in dense forests and is nocturnal. Aside from being a solitary species, these cats occasionally hunt in pairs when searching for prey. Unfortunately, some people do still hunt them. Even though hunting or capturing this species as a pet is illegal, they sell on the exotic pet trade.

Indigo Snake

The Indigo Snake is one of many animals that start with “I” and are native to the United States and parts of Central America. This snake species is known for being one of North America’s most giant and dangerous snakes. Their scientific name is Drymarchon Corais Couperi or Eastern Indigo Snakes.

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These animals are found in various habitats, including grasslands, wetland forests, and rocky scrublands. The fun fact is they’re also semi-aquatic, which means they can survive on both land and water.

Indian Hare

The list of the most interesting animals that start with I, is Indian Hare. It is a fun fact that their scientific name is Lepus nigricollis which means “black-necked hare.”

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These animals are found in Central Asia, Northwest China, and the western Indian subcontinent during the rainy season. The Indian Hare has reddish fur on its back, a brown to black head, and yellowish fur on its underside. They usually feed on herbs and leaves, even though they occasionally eat small insects when necessary.

Ivory Gull

The Ivory Gull is one of the rarest birds in the world and one of many animals that start with “I.” Its scientific name is “Pagophila eburnea,” meaning “ice-loving ivory white,” which mainly defines its white feathers.

The ivory gull is the only member of the genus Pagophila and one of around 100 species in the gull family Laridae. The ivory gull has a varied diet that includes fish and crabs. An interesting fun fact about Ivory Gulls is that they exhibit strong family bonding and loyalty.  

Italian Greyhound

The affectionately named Italian Greyhound is a dog breed that begins with the letter “I,” along with animals such as iguanas, ibexes, and urchins. Their scientific name, Canis familiaris, has become increasingly popular over recent decades.

Unfortunately, the Italian Greyhound has been considered an invasive species because of their popularity and fast breeding. They have been around for years due to their existence in ancient Egyptian artwork. And literature from the days of yore. Their scientific name is Canis familiaris italics.

Italian Wolf

The Italian Wolf is a fantastic animal that starts with the letter “I.” Their scientific name is Canis Lupus. They can be found in numerous parts of Europe.

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Animals that start with I

They have an impressive lifespan of 8-10 years! They also have a varied diet, eating mainly rabbits, hares, rodents, and birds. In addition, they have a fun fact associated with them – the Italian Wolf is believed to be the ancestor of all domestic dogs.

Ivory Billed Woodpecker

The Ivory Billed Woodpecker is a fascinating creature, one of the few animals beginning with the letter “I.”Their scientific name is “Campephilus principals,” which literally translates to “The love of chieftains.”

This bird specie is marked as a critically endangered species and on the brink of extinction. The Ivory Billed Woodpecker was last seen in 1935 in Louisiana near the Pearl River. Unfortunately, there are still no signs that this coveted animal has been spotted since.

Ibizan Hound

The Ibizan Hound is an ancient breed that can be traced back to animals that existed in Egypt thousands of years ago. And one of the different animals that start with “I.”

This graceful dog is often confused with the Italian Hound. Both animals are classified as sighthounds, meaning they can see prey from a great distance. This hybrid dog breed is known for its tall, lean stature, and they are also speedy runners.

A fun fact about the Ibizan Hound is their ears can appear either half-pricked or fully erect. They can reach speeds of up to forty miles an hour. Ibizan Hounds also make great pets. Their scientific name is “Canis lupus familiaris,” one of the oldest domesticated animals beginning with “I.”

Ibizan hounds come in different sizes and with multiple coat patterns like wire-haired, smooth-haired, or grizzled, making them naturally quite beautiful animals.


The ibis is an animal that starts with the letter “P” and is particularly special. It has unique adaptations for living in its environment, making it an interesting animal. For example, most species of ibis have down-curved bills, which help them survive in their aquatic habitats.


The Ibex, animals that start with ‘P’, is a wild goat native to the mountainous regions of Europe, North Africa and Asia. Despite their approachable nature, they can be keen to protect themselves when threatened.It’s quite fun that the males in this species have extremely thick horns up to four feet long.

Alpine ibex, steinbock, animals that start with I.

These animals have some of the longest horns of any animal in the entire world.Their nimble footing allows them to climb up and down rock faces easily. Which helps keep them safe from predators.

Irish Doodle

The Irish Doodle is a hybrid breed of animals that starts with ‘P’, such as Poodle and Irish Setter. This unique crossbreed is easy to love due to its cheerful disposition, gentle and loyal personality, as well as its unique good looks.

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The fun fact about the Irish Doodle is that they have very low-shedding coats. Another fun fact about this loving pup is that despite its deep love for people, it also needs moderate amounts of exercise every day to stay active.

Imperial Moth

One of the most exciting animals that start with I is the Imperial Moth. This insect gets its name from the large colorful spots all over its wings, resembling something a leopard might have on its fur.

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Although it has no sting and is entirely harmless, getting close enough to one of these animals that starts with P can be tricky. An interesting fact about the Imperial Moth is that they only live for 5-7 days without eating during their adult stage.

What is a mammal starting with I?

Mammals that start with I are the Indian elephant, icterine warbler, and reptiles such as the iguana and Italian Wall lizard.

How many animals start with I?

Many animals start with” I.” For example, Ibis, Iguanas, Impalas, and Inchworms.

Which goat like animals start with I?

Some animals that look like goat, and starts with I are, Ibex, Iguana, and Impala.

Finally, check out the entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.


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