12 Rare Birds that Start with S – With Pictures

Did you know quite a few birds start with the letter S?

From the soaring raptors to the colourful songbirds, these 12 Rare Birds that Start with S – With Pictures. These creatures are some of the planet’s most fascinating and diverse animals. Here’s a quick list of Birds starting with S, including birds from Savannah Sparrow, sparrow house, and spinebill eastern.

In this blog, we’ll discover some avian wonders and learn a little about what makes them so special.

12 Rare Birds that Start with S – (Fun facts with Exotic Pictures)

Savannah Sparrow

Savannah Sparrows are small birds that start with S and a migratory bird species. It typically has a pale grey-brownish back with dark streaks and wings and a head adorned with white stripes.

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This bird has chestnut shoulder patches, pale underparts, and yellowish streaks. These birds are usually found in grasslands, wet meadows, prairies, and other wetlands such as salt marshes.

Interestingly, these animals tend to migrate to the midwestern US and southeastern Canada during winter. A fact about Savannah Sparrows is that they get their name from a place near the Georgia-Florida border called “Savannah.

Snowy Egrets

Snowy Egrets are birds that start with S and are easily spotted in many areas along the east coast of the United States. They typically have a white or greyish-white colour to their feathers, black legs and feet, yellow skin around their eyes, and a splendid plume of feathers growing from the back of their heads.

Birds that start with S

In terms of habitat, these birds like spending time on solid land around fresh or saltwater sources or soaring through the air in search of prey.

Sage Grouse

The Sage Grouse is a fascinating bird with their white-lined sage-green feathers, and these birds can be found in various Western U.S. states, namely Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado.

The Sage Grouse lives in sagebrush areas. They were estimated at one time to be 16 million in population. These birds gather in the early spring in open ground patches known as “leks,” where males strut to attract females for mating.

Stellar’s jay

The Stellar Jay is an iconic bird in North American forests, woodlands, and parks. They are particularly adept at adapting to different habitats and can be found at elevations ranging from sea level.

Stellar’s jay, also known as Cyanocitta stelleri. There are 6 types of American jays. The most common and well-known is probably the blue jay. Their appearance includes a black crest, bluish bodies, and long tails.

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Birds that start with S

The bird most closely related to the blue jay is the Stellar jay. These social birds often gather around feeding areas in small flocks and make boisterous calls. One fun fact about Stellar’s Jay is that they know where to find acorns and are known for storing them away for winter months.

Spotted Owl

The Spotted Owl are beautiful birds that start with an “S.” They live exclusively in old-growth forests, where they make their homes (called roosts) since they rely on large trees and old logs for nesting and hunting territories.

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Spotted Owls live year-round in a few patchy areas of California, the Pacific Northwest, and the southwestern United States. Their feathers sport blackish spots over the length of their body, which is why they are known as Spotted Owls. Its population has greatly declined due to the logging of old-growth forests.

Short-eared Owls

Short-eared owls, which begin with the letter “S”, are one of the most widespread owls in the world. They have big, yellow eyes and a wingspan that usually ranges from about 38 to 44 centimetres. They can be found in various habitats, including grassland, tundra, marshes, and meadows.

Birds that start with S

Short-eared owls are widespread in America and can be found from Alaska to South America. As their name implies, they have “ear tuft” feathers and short-eared owls. They’re suffering through habitat loss due to deforestation.

Sand Martin

Sand Martins are small birds in the swallow family throughout northern Eurasia and North America. They have vibrant sandy-brown feathers on their heads, backs, and wings, with white bellies.

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The Sand Martin is a migratory passerine bird in the swallow family. It has a wide range in summer, embracing the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean countries, part of northern Asia and North America, eastern and southern Africa, South America, and South Asia.

They have forked tails that help them manoeuvre around trees and aquatic habitats for searching food, such as flying insects.

Sand Martins tend to make their habitat near wetlands like ponds, streams, rivers, and lakes; they even construct their nests on cliffs close to water sources.

Susan Young

Susan Young is a native of the scenic mountains of North Carolina, with its medium-length dark reddish plumage and brown eyes. These birds are also known as Elanoides forficatus.

These slender raptors are most common in South America but migrate north to breed in places like Florida, South Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama in the United States.

This warm climate raptor has a black and bright white body with a long, elongated, forked tail.

Scarlet Finch

The Scarlet Finch is a species of finch in the Fringillidae family. It is found in the Himalayas from central Nepal eastwards to Vietnam and spottily in the adjacent hills of Northeast India and Southeast Asia as far south as Thailand.

bird, Birds that start with S
Birds that start with S

It is resident in the Himalayas, and its natural habitat includes open woodland and savanna areas and scrublands and grasslands for foraging during the day.

Its body is greyish brown, reddish brown face, patterns on its plumage, and its throat is pale red. Its short bill and tail are black. An interesting fact about them, they are very active during wet weather but become much quieter when it’s dry.

Sarus Crane

The Sarus Crane is a large non-migratory crane of the Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, and Australia.

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The tallest flying birds, standing at the height of up to 6 feet. These birds are distinguished from other regional cranes by the overall grey colour and the contrasting red head, crest, long neck, and long legs.

Sage Sparrow

Sage Sparrow lives in the Western United States and Mexico. These are medium-sized sparrows with rounded heads and thick, short beaks.

Experts estimate this species has a population of around 4 million adult breeding birds. They are typically hidden in shrubs and on the ground, breeding in creosote and saltbush desert shrubs. The sage sparrow creates a melodious, lively song with finely tuned frequencies.

Scaly-breasted Munia

The Scaly-breasted Munia is a sprightly and beautiful songbird. It stands out among the birds that begin with S. These birds are found in open grasslands and lightly wooded habitats throughout Southeast Asia.

Birds that start with S

The Scaly-breasted Munia is a small social bird that feeds mainly on seeds. They’re distinguished by their chestnut-red head and upper breast, orange back, white belly, brown wings, black bill, and prominent scalloped fringe on their feathers.

The nest is a large domed grass structure in a tree or under the eaves of a house. A fun fact about them is that these species form large flocks near bird feeders. Their breeding season starts in September and remains till march, in which these small birds lay 5 eggs per clutch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a long-neck bird starting with S?

A long-neck bird starting with S is a stork.

Q. What are some common species of birds that start with the letter S?

Some common species of birds that start with the letter S are sparrows, swans, seagulls, and starlings.

Q. How do birds navigate during migration?

Birds navigate during migration using various methods, such as using the earth’s magnetic field, celestial cues, landmarks, and sense of smell.

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