4 Rare Birds that Start with X – With Facts

X marks the spot for some of the world’s most elusive and exotic birds. These feathered creatures may be hard to find, but their unique features make them worth the search. 

There are only four birds that start with the letter X.  From the striking Xantus hummingbird with its iridescent feathers to the elusive Xenops, a small bird that can climb trees like a woodpecker, these birds are truly one-of-a-kind.

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Birds that start with X

Let’s discover in this blogpost about these unique four birds only species that start with X.

4 Unique Birds that Start with the Letter X – With Pictures

Xantus’s Hummingbird

These are small passerine birds that start with W, and their scientific name is Basilinna xantusii. These small birds are found in Baja, California, and peninsula. Xantus’s Murrelet is one of the world’s rarest birds. It can be found in the coastal Pacific waters.

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Birds that start with X

Adults are colored mainly green on their upperparts and back, and boasts an orange chest with purple-brown wings. The tail is darkly colored and straight. The most prominent feature is the white eyestripe found in both males and females.

A black eye-stripe below the white one further enhances the stripe. Both sexes have cinnamon brown underparts, with the brown extending further up the throat in the female.

The Xantus Hummingbird is a small but striking bird with unique differences between males and females. Males have a bright green head and throat, while females have more muted coloring with a greyish throat. 

Additionally, males have a longer bill than females, which they use to fight for territory and attract mates. Regarding migratory behavior, these hummingbirds are known to breed in the Baja California peninsula and migrate to Mexico for the winter. 

During this time, they can be found in dry scrubland and arid habitats, feeding on nectar from flowers. Their migratory patterns make them fascinating species to study and observe in the wild.

Xantus’ Murrelet

The Xanthus’s murrelet is a small bird found in North America, and pacific ocean. It is a small aquatic bird whose scientific name is Synthliboramphus hypoleucus. It lives in coastal waters off of California as well as in Baja, Mexico and it is one of only two species of birds that begin with the letter ‘X’.

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Birds that start with X

As far as its appearance goes, this seabird features prominent white unnderpar,black above and white below with incomplete white eye-rings, narrow black bill, short tails, and legs.

Grown Xantus’ Murrelets measure up to around10 inches long and typically weigh about 6 ounces. As for their habitats, these birds nest on islands and rocky beaches with sheer cliff faces that provides the protection from terrestrial predators.

Xinjiang Ground-Jay

The Xinjiang Ground-Jay is one of the few birds that start with X, also known as the Biddulph’s Ground Jay, is found in the semi-arid terrains of Central Asia, and China. It is about the size of a human’s hand and its scientific name is Podoces biddulphi.

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Birds that start with X

Generally, it has a sandy color plumage, a mix of grey, brown and golden. These birds can be identified by its large black head and a striking pale patch on its cheeks. It also has a rufous-colored tail and midsection, making it quite distinct from other species of ground jays.

All in all, Xinjiang Ground-Jay is an absolutely stunning species inhabiting the Central Asian region.


Xenops is any of three extant species of passerine birds in the bird Furnariidae family. These birds are also known as ovenbirds. The species inhabit tropical rain forests of Mexico, Central America and South America.Their scientific name is Xenops is Xenoperdix ustalus.

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Birds that start with X

These birds have three species that include, Plain Xenops ( Xenops minutus ), Slender-billed Xenops , ( Xenops tenuirostris ), and Streaked Xenops ( Xenops rutilans .) The species, known for its fast, sharp-sounding song, measures about 12 cm long.

Xenops have various habitats from forests to plantations, typically preferring open woodlands, shrubs and second-growth vegetation.

Xavier’s Greenbul

Xavier’s Greenbul is found in several African nations and is a songbird. This bird gets its name from an explorer that researched specimens in Congo.

Xavier’s Greenbul (Phyllastrephus xavieri) is one of the few birds that starts with x and classified in the bulbul family of passerines. Theri scientific name is Bleda eximia.

These bright small birds make their homes in juniper trees, consuming a mostly insect-based diet. Individuals of this species have striking mottled olive-green heads with black eyes and dark beaks, while their olive-brown backs and wings.

Xavier’s Greenbul offers an excellent opportunity for birdwatchers far beyond Ethiopia to appreciate the beauty and complexity of one of nature’s most underrated living beings.

Birds that start with X – FAQs

Q. What birds start with X?

The birds that start with X are Xavier’s Greenbul, Xenops, Xantus’s Hummingbird and Xinjiang Ground-Jay.

Q. What animal starts with an X?

There’re many animals that start with x. Such as Xanthippe’s Shrew. Xantic Sargo, Xantus Leaf-toed Gecko, Xantus Murrelet, Xingu Corydoras, and Xiphosura.

Q. What American bird that starts with X?

Xantu’s Hummingbird is an american bird that starts with X.

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Olivia Kepner