13 Types of Birds that Start with D – With Complete Info

If you’re an animal lover, you’ll want to know about the most interesting birds that start with the D.

These creatures are fascinating and will certainly evoke your curiosity. From the mesmerizing Dusky Hummingbird to the dusky nightjar, here are some of the coolest birds beginning with D. Let’s jump into the details of all these birds that start with D.

13 Birds that Start with the letter D

Dusky Hummingbird (Phaeoptila sordida)

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The Dusky Hummingbird (Phaeoptila sordida) is a small bird that starts with D and can be found in tropical moist, lowland forests. They inhabit these natural habitats in Central America, ranging from Nicaragua to Costa Rica and Panama.

Its appearance is distinctive, as they have grey-green wings, olive-grey upper parts, and dark grey tails during the breeding season.

They inhabit higher elevations and then migrate down to lower levels during the colder months, taking advantage of the changing food sources available at different altitudes.

They are a beautiful species of Hummingbird, and their unique adaptation of migrating up and down to the mountainous regions.

Daurian Starlings

Daurian starlings are beautiful birds that start with D and inhabit tropical moist, lowland forests. In Winter, these migratory birds migrate to Singapore. However, they are also found in eastern Mongolia, southeastern Russi, North Korea, and central China.

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Birds that start with D

These birds have grey plumage, pink legs and beaks, black heads with white streaks, and yellowish underparts. These are social birds. They form large flocks in their natural habitat and during spring and summer for breeding. Each flock has hundreds of birds, which mainly feed on insects along with some seeds during the day.

Darjeeling Woodpecker

The Darjeeling woodpeckers are birds that start with d and are native to the Indian region of Darjeeling. They often dwell in evergreen trees and tea plantations in their natural habitats, making them an interesting sight for nature lovers looking to observe birds in the wild.

Characterized by its bright blackish plumage and dark streaks on the belly and neck. During the breeding season, these birds are active from April to May.

Dead- Sea Sparrow

The Dead Sea Sparrow is a vibrant bird species that start with D. It can typically be spotted in the middle east as its natural habitat stretches from Syria to Saudi Arabia.

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Its unique appearance features dark grey and white underparts, dark streaks on the upper parts, and a chestnut nape with a white patch on the cheeks. This small bird is highly active, mainly in their breeding season.

Double-Crested Cormorant

The double-crested cormorant is a bird often found inhabiting North America’s coastal waters. However, they can also be found inland near bodies of water like rivers and ponds.

They’re easily identified by their long tail feathers and distinctive blackish-yellow bill. When breeding, these birds prefer to keep close to shore, nesting in trees or on rocky shores.

During the summer, they can be seen with seabird colonies and in marsh habitats, eelgrass beds, mangrove swamps, and rocky outcroppings. These migratory birds move toward the south in the winter season, as far away as Mexico or Cuba.

Dalmatian Pelicans

Dalmatian Pelicans are soaring birds that start with D. They can live in natural habitats around the Mediterranean basin, from Egypt to Turkey, northern India, and Pakistan.

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These birds have distinctively black, grey, and white feathers. One unique feature in their appearance is yellow or orange large bills. This coastal bird typically cohabitates with other birds like spoonbills, skimmers, and ibises.

Dolphin Gulls

Dolphins Gulls are birds that start with ‘D’ and have interesting natural habitats. They can be found by the coast, especially in parts of South America, and their appearance is attractive.

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Dolphins Gulls generally have black and white wings, white bellies, reddish or yellowish bills, and webbed feet. However, they stay primarily in one area throughout the year.

In Winter, they migrate away from the cooler temperatures. But in the warm season, they share their habitat with other birds like terns, skimmers, and ibises.

Dusky Pigeon

The Dusky Pigeon is one of many birds that start with the D and can be found worldwide. They are most diverse in Africa, where they live in various natural habitats, including savanna plains, open forests, and coastal zones.

While these birds have adaptable nature to different environments, their preference is for areas with plenty of food for them to eat.

The birds have a distinctive dark grey colour, making them stand out from other birds. During migration season, they will travel long distances to ensure optimal resource access.

Downy Woodpecker

The Downy Woodpeckers are small birds that start with D and can be found throughout North and Central America. They have adapted to many habitats, including woodland edges, deciduous forests, and open areas with trees and shrubs.

The birds usually measure 5-7 inches long and have a combination of black on the upper side and white underparts. They may also show white spots down the top of the head.

Their sharp beaks pound on objects like trees and branches to find food like insects, larvae, and nuts. For migratory birds like the Downy Woodpecker, they fly towards southern regions during autumn in search of warmer climates.

During migration season, they fly alone or with a few other birds depending on circumstances like food availability.

Dartford Warbler

The Dartford Warbler is one of the birds that start with D. These birds are generally found in warm natural habitats such as tree branches and the ground. Mostly found in the South of England.

They may even share their habitat with other birds, such as the nightjar, blackcap, and grasshopper warbler. These birds have red eyes, greyish-black upper parts, and cherry-red underparts.

While the summer season is their breeding season, and being a sedentary bird, they don’t prefer to migrate.

Darwin’s flycatcher

Darwin’s flycatcher, one of the birds that start with D, lives in various natural habitats throughout parts of moist lowland forests in the Pacific Ocean.

These small birds have a greyish-black upperside and bill. While have lower side and head are reddish-orange. Although they often hunt independently, these birds are known to hunt alongside others, like kingbirds and woodcreepers.

During migration in winter season, these birds move from the southern parts of West Africa to warmer regions.

Dark-Eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis)

The Dark-Eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis)is a small passerine bird that begins with the letter “D” and is commonly found in North America.

Not only do they inhabit natural habitats like mountainous areas, open meadows, dense shrubland, and coniferous forests, but they often intrude into human dwellings due to their beauty. These birds appear with a mottled greyish back, a white belly, and conspicuous white tails edged with black.

Regarding behaviour, these birds typically migrate downward in the fall and return to the same location in spring. But some stays in their nests for Winter if food availability is enough.

Desert owls

Desert owls are birds that start with ‘D’ and are found in many arid climates across the world. Their natural habitats range from hot deserts in the Middle East to the Arabian peninsula.

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These birds usually have speckled brown or grey feathers that provide exceptional camouflaging, while their large sharp yellowish eyes enable them to find prey during the dark.

Their migratory behaviour is like many other birds. Desert owls leave their habitat for specific periods to go to warmer areas away from cold winters and return after the colder season ends.

Q. What bird starts with D?

Dalmatian pelican, Damara tern, Darjeeling woodpecker, Dark chanting goshawk, and Dartford warbler start with D.

Q. What aquatic bird begins with D?

Darter, Dalmatian Pelicans, and Dolphin Gulls are aquatic birds that start with D.

Q. What is one nocturnal D bird?

Desert owl is a nocturnal D bird that start with D

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