16 Mind-Blowing Animals That Start With B

Do you know what animal has the longest lifespan? What about the fastest? And which one can change its appearance to blend in with its environment? You might be surprised to learn that all of these animals start with B.

From the big (Blue whale) to the small (Bumblebee), you will learn about some of the most mind-blowing animals that start with B.

What first name comes to mind when you think of animals beginning with B?

If you guessed, bear, you’re not alone. We have listed mind-blowing animals that start with B. From the bizarre to the downright dangerous, interesting facts about these creatures will amaze and astound you.

There are plenty of other fantastic animals that start with B, and we’re going to explore some of them today. Whether big cats or tiny rodents, these creatures are sure to fascinate and amaze you.

So settle in and prepare for some fun facts about incredible animals beginning with the letter B!

Bald Eagle

bird, eagle, head

The majestic and powerful Bald Eagle, one of the animals that starts with b, is found in North America.

Bald Eagle is considered the national bird of the United States. The remarkable Bald Eagle species can have a wingspan of 7-8 feet and soar over 15,000 feet into the sky!

Normally a solitary hunters, but bald eagle mate for life and live with their partners for many years – which helps us to appreciate them even more! All in all, it appears that bald eagles are animals that start with b worthy of admiration by everyone.

Beluga Whale

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The beluga whale is certainly one that stands out among animals that start with b. They are known for their characteristic white coloring and bulbous forehead, known as the “melon.”

However, while they catch people’s eyes with those features, many don’t realize just how impressive these animals can be. Belugas have been recorded diving over 3km deep in the ocean in search of food!

At such great depths, these animals need to be able to track their prey without any natural light, relying instead on echolocation to find their food. It’s truly amazing to think that such an animal resides at animals beginning B!


animals, bat, flying dog

Bats are incredibly interesting, if underrated, animals that belong to the family Chiroptera, animals that start with B.

Furthermore, they have amazing abilities, such as using echolocation to navigate and orient themselves in complete darkness! Bats come in all shapes and sizes; some can have wingspans up to 1.5 meters while others can fit into the palm of your hand.

Bengal Tiger

white tiger, panthera tigris tigris, bengal tiger

The Bengal Tiger is one of the animals found in the animal kingdom that starts with a “B.”

Bengal Tiger is a symbol of power, strength, and agility, yet also has a gentle side, as it is known to interact playfully with its cubs.

Out of the most numerous species of the tiger! Bengal Tiger stands between 4-6 feet tall and up to 10 feet long from nose to tail. Bengal tigers are the national animal of both Bangladesh and India.


sunflower, bee, macro

The bee is just one of the animals that start with the letter “B”, playing an important role in maintaining the balance in ecosystem.

It’s estimated that bees are responsible for pollinating up to 75% of our food crops! It makes sense then that animals that begin with B, like bees and bumblebees, make a huge contribution to the balance of nature and maintaining biodiversity.

Without these animals beginning with B, humanity would be dealing with a lot of hunger – an interesting fact about animals that start with “B,” indeed!


jay, bird, branch

Birds have long been a fascinating part of nature, and animals that start with b are no exception. Beloved by bird watchers from all over the globe, birds come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and behaviors.

Perching Birds

common raven, crow, snow

Perching birds like crows and ravens even can form lifelike concepts! National birds for countries range from majestic eagles to innocent swallows. Other birds, like flamingos and toucans, often bring about an unparalleled level of beauty and admiration for nature enthusiasts.


nutria, beaver rat, rodent

Beavers are animals that start with b, making them part of the animals beginning with B within the animal kingdom. These animals are famous for their industrious engineering feats and an appetite for wood.

Beavers can hold their breath underwater for up to 15 minutes at a time, they eat bark and cambium primarily, they have thick fur to protect them against cold weather, and they have webbed feet so they can swim very efficiently!

Their ability to build dams has impacted many regions across the world, changing the ecosystems of areas where they live.


bison, buffalo, beef

Bison are animals that start with B, and they’re actually quite remarkable! A single bison can weigh up to 3,000 lbs making them one of the largest animals beginning with B.

These animals that start with B are also very fast; they can not only outrun a horse but also dodge its strikes. And possibly their loudest feature is the ability to bellow or “bugle,” which is used when communicating threats or warnings to other animals.

As animals that start with B go, you can bet that bison always make a big impression!


buffalo, africa, safari

Buffalo are animals that start with the letter B and are awe-inspiring animals. They roam in herds of hundreds and have incredibly thick fur coats, which keep them warm during their migration through colder climates.

Buffalo not only looks strong but are strong too. Their heads can be two feet wide, allowing them to easily plow through snow and ice tundra.

It’s no surprise that buffalo was given such a mighty name since this species has been connected to humankind for centuries due to their importance in both traditional cultures’ spiritual beliefs and for food sources.

At some point, these animals experienced a huge population decline however, conservation efforts have been successful in helping save them from extinction – proving that the herd is still around today!


Bonobos are animals that rank among the most exciting animals that start with the letter “B.” They share 99.6% of the same DNA as humans, making them an excellent point of comparison to understand our species better.

The bonobo is closely related to chimpanzees, and these species are our closest living relatives in the animal kingdom.

Due to the same DNA, when faced with potential conflict, bonobos have been known to exhibit behavior valuable to experts studying the evolution of human methods of communication.


mandrill, sad face, portrait

The Baboon is one of the animals that starts with B and is a great example of larger animals beginning. They are some of the most prominent members of the primates family and can even walk more than four miles or 6 kilometers in one day!

This fascinating mammal is well known for its loud sounds and large amounts of energy, but researchers suggest that wild baboons sleep for 10 or more hours every night to conserve their energy.

Surprisingly, if you see one baboon in your backyard, there may be about 100 living in the area. It’s essential to understand the behavior and habits of animals around us, so we know how to protect them.


bear, grizzly bear, brown bear

Bears are some of the most beloved animals in the world, and polar bears, found in the cold arctic circle, are among the most popular.

Not only do they look incredibly majestic and regal, but they also play an essential role in helping us understand our planet’s conservation status.

polar bear, bear, sea bear

In recent years polar bears have been implicated in fighting global warming trends and as ambassadors for Antarctica’s conservation status. For animal lovers, the polar bear represents one of the most loved animals that start with “b.”

There are eight different species of bears across the world with a conservation status ranging from vulnerable to least concerned.

Barn Owl

barn owl, york wildlife park, bird of prey

The Barn Owl is a natural predator found worldwide, standing out among other animals that start with “B.”

This species of a Barn owl is distinct in appearance, with its sharp facial disk, heart-shaped face, and pale yellow eyes.

Barn Owl is also known for their unique calls, which often sound like laughter. They can be found hunting for prey during the night or early morning hours since they rely on their excellent vision and hearing to locate any small mammal it wishes to pursue.

The natural environment of the Barn Owl consists of fields, pastures, and meadows, as well as woodlands and marshes.

All these areas provide ideal spaces for hunting mice. Aside from preying on these creatures, nature provides other threats for the Barn Owl–ranging from human disruption to natural predators such as cats, hawks, and eagles.

Boa Constrictor

line, rainbow boa, reptile

Boa constrictor can make for a great pet, especially for those looking for an interesting animal that starts with “b!

Native to Central and South America, boas are one of the largest the snake species. Boas usually measure 6-12 feet in length, but some may grow up to 18 feet. They feed on small mammals like rodents and birds.

These animals are also very intelligent and can be taught to recognize their owners. So why not get your hands on one of these amazing animals that start with “b”? You won’t regret it!

Balkan lynx

lynx, animal, predator

The Balkan lynx is one of the most critically endangered species of animals that start with the letter “B.” In fact, it’s been estimated that there are only between 200 and 350 of them left in the entire wild.

Although living in an area stretching from southeastern Bulgaria to western Turkey, their numbers have decreased dramatically over the last two decades due to illegal hunting, deforestation, and human-made infrastructure development.

Their sole food source is European rabbit which has also undergone a population decline leading to poor nutritional intake for the Balkan lynx.

Sadly, this critically endangered species is one of many animals beginning to disappear from our world due to human activity. With conservation efforts in place and habitat protection for these beautiful creatures, hopefully, we can help prevent other animals that start with “B” (and beyond!) from going extinct.

What are mammals that start with the B?

Alphabetic list of mammals starting with B are Babisu, Bab0on, Bacteriosis Camels, Badgers, berl Balinese, The Balkan Lynxes, and Bandage palm civet.

What type of animal start with B?

The popular animal starting at B has the Bengal Tiger, the least popular Burrowing Frog. There are reportedly about 220,000 butterfly genera in the world. Bonobos share 97% of the genetic material of a human – a common genetic trait.

What animals start with B in French?

The name of animals that start with B is baleine or whale.

What are the 5 common animals that start with B?

Let’s get to know the most famous species in the world. Donkeys – More than 50 million a year. Donkeys have become an extremely productive animal across the planet. … Goat – 45 million Goat. … Animals: 600 million. . Pigs – 677 Million. … Canines – 1000Million-1000B. … Cows – 997.11 Million. Cow. … sheeps. More than one million. “… Humans – 7.8 billion by 2020.

Finally, check out the entire series of animals that begin with or start with the letter: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z.

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